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We are located at 4631 Airport Blvd, Suite 110A in the Concorde Center.  We are next to In-N-Out Burger and we have a large parking lot for your convenience!



4631 Airport Boulevard, Suite 110A
Austin, TX 78751

(512) 920-2348

We are a welcoming community studio that offers fitness classes and special events focused on healthy living for adults and children.  Our fitness classes are taught by a team of fun and creative instructors.  We empower our members to challenge themselves physically and mentally, no matter what their starting point.  We recognize that our community is diverse, so we offer beginner to advanced classes, as well as adult, child, and family offerings.  Our goal is not only for our members to love our classes and events, but for them to truly enjoy the inclusive fitness community we foster at Fuerte.


Meet Our Members


Favorite class at Fuerte: Fuerte Fit or Fuerte Express

Fun fact about you: I love HGTV (especially the flipping shows), and would totally attempt to become a show host if I wasn't a theatre teacher.

How you stay motivated to exercise: Exercise is my relaxation and stress relief time, and it's really fun! It's great to see friends at class after a long day at work.

Why you love Fuerte: The instructors are great and the community is fantastic. I want to go to Fuerte just to see everyone there.


Favorite class at Fuerte: Fuerte Strength & Conditioning, Suspension +Core; I can't pick just one!

Fun fact about you: I brought back my Peace Corps dog from Paraguay. She will still respond to commands in Spanish if treats are involved.

How you stay motivated to exercise: The belief that one day I might be able to do a pull-up.

Why you love Fuerte: Lots of personal attention with great instructors, plus the awesome location!

Clint Tuttle

Favorite class at Fuerte: Strength & Conditioning, Saturday morning Fuerte Fit

Fun fact about you: I'm a part-time musician in the summer when I'm not teaching and I enjoy triathlons

How you stay motivated to exercise: Aside from my wife, who also is a member, I just feel better when I'm consistently coming to Fuerte and worse when I don't.  

Why you love Fuerte: There's a supportive community of friends, I've lost over 20 lbs, and working outs are challenging but fun.  Also Fuerte helped me achieve results I never thought possible!

NATALIE stanley

Favorite class at Fuerte: I can't choose because I love different things about each one: Fuerte Fit, Fuerte Express, and Fuerte Barre.

Fun fact about you: I'm a huge X-files nerd!

How you stay motivated to exercise: I like the strength and increased energy levels that I have now because of consistent exercise.

Why you love Fuerte: I like the atmosphere. It's not intimidating, but rather really supportive. The instructors are great and the members are too. I look forward to working out now and I hadn't felt that way in a long time.


Favorite class at Fuerte: Strength & Conditioning, Fuerte Fit

Fun fact about you: I eat ice cream nightly and my excuse is that my 90yr old Grandpop still does as well...clearly it's in my genes!

How you stay motivated to exercise: I love food and wine but in order to enjoy the splurge, I need to workout! I work harder thinking about that (insert yummy food here) I may eat later

Why you love Fuerte: I love the variety of classes and the people I have met. The camaraderie makes working out that much more fun.


Favorite class at Fuerte: Fuerte Fit

Fun fact about you: I love the theater and musicals.

How you stay motivated to exercise: I think about all the individuals in the world that overcome personal and physical limitations to accomplish amazing things everyday (e.g Team Hoyt). Everyday is a gift and I plan on making the most of everyday I have on this earth!

Why you love Fuerte: The personal touch each instructor provides and the sense of a friendship you feel from all participants. Everyone, either instructor or attendee seems to motivate me in a different way with each class


Favorite class at Fuerte: Fuerte Express / Fuerte Fit

Fun fact about you: I've been in technology for 10+ years and love mentoring and working with students in STEM education.

How you stay motivated to exercise: Motivation to make it to the gym is tough for me, especially with a full time job, grad school, and travel. But Fuerte is an awesome space with great workouts and amazingly supportive members. When the staff and members know your name and welcome you when they see you - it's easy to come back to the studio if I've been gone for awhile! No one makes me feel guilty, and that motivates me to stay on track.

Why you love Fuerte: The instructors and the friends I've made in class are awesome! It's a challenging environment without having someone yell at you for motivation. The support and encouragement from staff and members keeps me going and pushing myself harder!


Fun fact about you: I'm an aquatic invasive species biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Dpt. for my "day job" and then my husband and I run a cheesecake business on the side.

How you stay motivated to exercise: I have been working with Coy for over 2yrs and I've really been happy with the results. It's hard work but I've seen a difference in my energy level and certainly my strength since I've been at it and my progress has motivated me to keep going. I just feel better when I'm on a steady work-out schedule.

Why you love Fuerte: I love the people. It's that simple. I've made some great friends over the years... and I really miss everyone when I can't make it to class. The atmosphere is relaxed, not snobby or over competitive and I never feel like anyone is judging me. Instead, I feel encouraged and inspired by those that I work out with. 


Favorite class at Fuerte: Fuerte Fit / Fuerte Strength

Fun fact about you: Every year I spend a month in a foreign country. I once slept at the top of a tree.

How you stay motivated to exercise: My couch is actually not that comfy, and I try not to resemble a potato.

Why you love Fuerte: Since I also love pints of English bitter and Cadbury's fruit and nut chocolate, Fuerte's classes are a valuable counter-balance in my life.