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We are located at 4631 Airport Blvd, Suite 110A in the Concorde Center.  We are next to In-N-Out Burger and we have a large parking lot for your convenience!



4631 Airport Boulevard, Suite 110A
Austin, TX 78751

(512) 920-2348

We are a welcoming community studio that offers fitness classes and special events focused on healthy living for adults and children.  Our fitness classes are taught by a team of fun and creative instructors.  We empower our members to challenge themselves physically and mentally, no matter what their starting point.  We recognize that our community is diverse, so we offer beginner to advanced classes, as well as adult, child, and family offerings.  Our goal is not only for our members to love our classes and events, but for them to truly enjoy the inclusive fitness community we foster at Fuerte.


Personal Training

One-on-one coaching designed to fit your needs and goals.  

personal and small group training

on-site personal training

Come to Fuerte and work with one of our fantastic trainers in 1:1 sessions. We can work with you to help achieve your goals, no matter what your starting point. Use our facility and equipment to maximize the variety and quality of your workouts.

Off-site personal training

We will come to your house or apartment gym and train you at your convenience (geographic limitations apply). We will bring equipment and our expertise to you in 1:1 training sessions that will get you the results you are looking for.

On-site Pricing

We offer personal training packages that fit your needs!  The more you buy, the more of a discount you get.  First-time personal training clients need to purchase at least 4 sessions to use within a month. Since results are not seen after one session, this policy is in effect to help give clients the best opportunity to make the change they are looking for. Each session is 55 minutes of personal training. The first session will be 55 minutes, but less time will be spent working out to allow for our trainer to make the proper assessments and get to know your needs. All packages must be used in-full within 3 months of purchase.

  • First session FREE

  • 1 session on-site personal training - $60

  • 4 session on-site personal training package - $240 ($60/session)

  • 10 session on-site personal training package - $550 ($55/session)

  • 20 session on-site personal training package - $1,000 ($50/session)

off-site Pricing

Our off-site training packages are affordable and made to help you fit your exercise regime into your busy day. New off-site personal training clients must buy a package of at least 4 sessions to be used within a month in order to allow results to set in. The first session will be an hour long and will cost $60, but will not consist of a full hour of working out in order to allow our trainer to assess the site and talk with you about what your goals are and discuss the game plan going forward. Subsequent sessions are priced at $80 per session (or less if you buy in bulk). All packages must be used in-full within 3 months of purchase.

  • Initial off-site personal training session - $60

  • 1 session off-site personal training - $80

  • 4 session off-site personal training package - $320 ($80/session)

  • 10 session off-site personal training package - $750 ($75/session)

  • 20 session off-site personal training package - $1,400 ($70/session)

Get started on your goals today!

We also provide small group training sessions (2 - 4 people) both on-site and off-site, as well.

Before scheduling your first appointment, we would like to get to know you and see what your goals are, preferred availability, etc. so that we can match you with the trainer that best fits your needs. 


We will support you!  Call us at 512.920.2348 or email us to get started.  Take the first step now to get a jump start on your fitness journey.